Gardening Tips for November 2011

You should paint fences and pergola’s with a wood preservative, now that leaves have fallen and plants are not obstructing them. You can Plant bare rooted fruit trees from now and until late spring if the soil is not frozen or water logged.

Rake up all leaves and fallen fruit that you missed earlier and compost all disease-free organic waste.

Now is the time to clean the lawnmower thoroughly, remove the fuel, scrape off all soil and old grass. Cover all metal parts with a thin layer of oil or WD40 or grease, then store mower in a dry area.

When digging borders at the edge of lawns, place a plank on the grass to help prevent lawn edges from being broken. It is probably your last chance to plant bulbs to bring spring colour to your garden and containers , bulbs can be very good value as they come up year after year.

If you want, plant up containers or tubs remember that not a lot of plants actually grow during the winter months, to make sure your containers look impressive they will need to be over planted so they look full from the beginning, you can add winter and spring bedding plants to fill any gaps.

Dig out any remaining potatoes or carrots or beetroots before the frost gets them.

All shrubs and climbers will benefit from having their roots protected during persistent cold spells by covering the soil with an insulating mulch of dry leaves or compost or straw. This is most important if the plants are new and not yet established.

November and March are the two best months for planting Azaleas, Rhododendron, Camellia and other peat loving plants. Start rotating your houseplants so they get equal light on all sides.

Check your stored tender bulbs for rot or dryness

Some garden plants will not survive cold or frost or when the soil is too wet. A good material to cover plants is straw, pinus or conifer branches, garden fleece or plastic with perforations in it can be used. Do not use black plastic as it cuts out light and will cause root.
Now is the time to clean the pond, remove leaves from the pond every day, make sure to remove rotting leaves lying on the bottom, remove them with a net.

Water plants should stay in the pond because when the water freezes they can provide oxygen and your fish will survive winter in a better condition.

Water plants that cannot take frost must be taken out of the pond. Water lily can be stored in a box with peat in a shed but, if the pond is deep enough you can leave them in the pond.

If you have a pump in the pond it is best to take it out and clean it and store it is best not to circulate water in the pond during winter.

If you removed your bird feeder during the summer, now is the time to put the feeder back out.

Don’t deadhead your spent flowers on your roses. Instead, remove the petals only to allow the rose hips to develop and helps start the rose into its winter dormancy.

Remember to spray your fruit trees with a winter wash to help the control of insects, place a grease band around fruit trees to catch the insects that can damage your fruit trees.

If the weather is still mild, fill all gaps in your garden borders with autumn bedding plants, such as winter pansies, violas, bellis, wallflowers, polyanthus for spring colour.

Make sure all of the water is drained out of your garden hose, roll it up, and store it. Do not leave it connected to your house in freezing weather.


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